Operating a wind farm efficiently and safely requires the deployment of various electrical components. These components serve crucial roles in ensuring the stability and reliability of the wind energy generation system. Let’s delve into the essential electrical equipment needed for wind farms to function seamlessly.

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High Voltage Circuit Breakers

High voltage circuit breakers are integral electrical components within high voltage circuits. They possess sophisticated arc extinguishing structures and ample breaking capacity. These breakers not only interrupt or close the no-load and load currents in high voltage circuits but also, in the event of system faults, they cut off overload and short-circuit currents through relay protection devices. They are typically installed in key positions such as main busbars, interconnections with feeder lines, and circuit breakers’ input and output lines.

 Isolation Switches

 Isolation switches ensure the safety of electrical equipment during maintenance by providing a visible disconnect point, thus safeguarding personnel. While lacking arc extinguishing capabilities, isolation switches can only operate on circuits without load currents. They are strategically placed for various operations such as busbar switching, circuit breaker isolation during maintenance, and grounding of transformers and voltage transformers.

Surge Arresters

Surge arresters, typically made of zinc oxide, act as highly nonlinear resistors, providing low resistance under high voltage and high resistance under low voltage. They protect equipment by limiting voltage spikes during overvoltage conditions, ensuring insulation integrity. Surge arresters are installed at multiple points including distribution equipment, transformer low-voltage sides, generator output terminals, and 35kV cable input sections.

Voltage Transformers

Voltage transformers, akin to transformers, transform voltage levels for measurement instruments and relay protection devices. They facilitate voltage measurement, power, and energy monitoring, and provide protection for valuable equipment during line faults. Voltage transformers are strategically placed on every phase of main busbars and on output phases when voltage monitoring and detection are necessary.

Current Transformers

Operating on the same principles as transformers, current transformers isolate and transmit information to measurement instruments, relay protection, and control devices while ensuring isolation from high voltage. They are essential in circuits with circuit breakers, in direct grounding systems, and at generator and transformer neutral points and outputs.

 ONCCY DC Isolation Switch

Pv Solar Isolator Switch

An additional advantageous component is the ONCCY DC Isolation Switch. Its key features include:

  • Polarity-free design suitable for various DC applications.
  • Maximum switching time of less than 3 seconds, ensuring swift response to operational needs.
  • Self-cleaning contact design for prolonged switch lifespan.
  • Option for both forward and reverse contacts, providing versatility in inverter installations.


In conclusion, the deployment of these electrical components, including the ONCCY Bipolar DC Isolation Switch, is indispensable for the safe and efficient operation of wind farms. They not only ensure operational integrity but also mitigate risks associated with electrical faults and maintenance activities, ultimately contributing to the sustainability of wind energy generation.