The Onccy Electrical EHD series isolator switch is specifically developed for the renewable energy industry, suitable for DC isolation in battery cabinets, PCS cabinet DC input isolation, UPS cabinet DC isolation within energy storage systems, and DC isolation in combiner boxes and inverter cabinets in photovoltaic systems. The switch is rated for a working voltage of DC1000V and DC1500V, and a working current of 80A to 2500A in low-voltage distribution networks, capable of meeting the rated current for load connection and disconnection, while also withstanding overload currents in the circuit for a short time. Furthermore, it can be utilized as a main power switch, isolation maintenance switch, and emergency stop switch in power plants, building construction, and petrochemical factories.

DC Load Switch-Disconnectors

The EHD series isolator switch has passed RoHS, CE, CB, TUV, and other relevant standards certifications.

Developed and designed by Shenyang Swovo Electrical Co., Ltd., employing a modular concept, the isolator switch features a specialized module assembly and a novel exterior design, reducing exposed metallic components and enhancing operational safety. The modular design facilitates disassembly and assembly, adapting to various requirements and occasions. The switch is operated via a handle mechanism, ensuring reliable performance.

Safety isolation and reliable application:

  1. Visualization window, with clear visibility of the moving contact’s open and closed positions.
  2. “0” position lock function to prevent accidental operation.
  3. Rotary double-breaking contact structure to ensure a safe isolation distance.
  4. Dual-spring energy storage operation for rapid disconnection, satisfying critical load current.
  5. Capable of operating under load.
  6. Multiple operation methods, including front-panel internal, front-panel external, and side operation.
  7. Flexible installation angle, accommodating both horizontal and vertical installations.
  8. Auxiliary contacts and uninterruptible neutral poles are available.

Battery cabinet solution:

  1. Effective protection against overloads and short circuits;
  2. Safe and efficient isolation, ensuring the safety of battery module strings;
  3. High short-circuit tolerance and instantaneous charge-discharge support capability;
  4. Load connection and disconnection, ensuring a leakage current of ≤2mA.

PCS converter cabinet solution:

  1. Multi-pole combined current collection for 50KW to 500KW applications;
  2. Safe and effective isolation, high short-circuit tolerance, and instantaneous discharge support;
  3. Accommodates diverse load operations at DC1000V and DC1500V.