As rooftop distributed photovoltaic (PV) systems become increasingly popular globally, especially in European countries, ensuring the safety of these systems has become a priority concern for many nations. Due to the proximity of PV installations to human activity areas, their potential safety hazards have garnered significant attention from emergency personnel and firefighters. In this context, ONCCY Electrical‘s string-level rapid shutdown switch offers an effective solution for ensuring the safety of PV systems.

Case BackgroundRapid Shutdown Device1

In European countries, particularly Germany, France, and Italy where PV applications are widespread, more residential and commercial buildings are installing PV systems. These systems can have circuit voltages of up to 1500V, providing sufficient power to meet user energy demands. However, the operation of PV systems also poses certain fire risks, especially in emergency situations such as fires. The ability to quickly shut down the power to ensure personal safety becomes a critical issue.

Application Case

In southern Bavaria, Germany, a large commercial building installed a high-power PV system with a circuit voltage of up to 1500V. To ensure that the system could quickly shut down the power in an emergency and prevent fire risks, the project leader chose to install ONCCY Electrical’s string-level rapid shutdown switch.

During the system’s operation, despite careful installation and maintenance, an accidental electrical fault posed a fire risk. When the building’s fire alarm system was triggered, the rapid shutdown switch immediately activated, instantly cutting off the PV system’s power. This ensured that emergency personnel could safely enter the fire scene to extinguish the fire, preventing further spread and harm to people.

Rapid Shutdown: Effectively Ensuring the Safety of Photovoltaic Systems in EuropeResults and Evaluation

In this case, ONCCY Electrical’s string-level rapid shutdown switch performed excellently, successfully averting a potential fire disaster. The main results and evaluations of the project are as follows:

  1. Efficient Power Cutoff: The rapid shutdown switch can cut off the PV system power in a very short time after the fire alarm is triggered, ensuring the safety of emergency response operations.
  2. Strong System Compatibility: The device is suitable for PV systems with circuit voltages of up to 1500V, meeting the requirements of high-power PV panels and ensuring normal operation and safety protection of the system.
  3. Ease of Operation: Even non-professionals can quickly identify and operate the rapid shutdown switch in an emergency, ensuring the power is cut off immediately.
  4. Positive User Feedback: The project leader and emergency response personnel highly praised the device’s performance, noting that the rapid shutdown switch significantly improved the safety of the PV system and is worthy of being promoted in more PV projects.

Through this case, PV system operators in other regions of Europe also recognize the importance of installing rapid shutdown devices. In the future, as PV technology continues to advance and its applications become more widespread, rapid shutdown devices will become standard safety features in PV systems, providing reliable safety assurance to more users.