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Solar DC Combiner Box 5 INPUT 1 OUTPUT 600VDC/1000VDC

Product Benefits

  • Input 5 strings,Output 1 strings
  • Max Operation Voltage 1000V
  • Certification TUV,CB,CE



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IP65 DC string box is designed for 5 string PV system. For surge protection and over-load protection at solar DC side.

These are used to allow the parallel connection of several strings of PV modules or to enable large or armoured cables to be connected from the PV array to charge controller or inverter location so minimising voltage & power losses. Since the PV array cannot be switched off these junction boxes must be labelled as ‘PV Array Junction Box – Danger, contains live parts during daylight’.
These boxes can also contain string fuses which provide a means to isolate the PV strings. String fuses must be provided for all arrays formed of N parallel strings, where (N-1) x Isc (module short circuit current) is greater than the module maximum series fuse rating. String fuses are required in both positive and negative legs of the string cabling.

Product Benefits

DC Breaker

  • UL489B design,IEC60947-2 PV&DC standard
  • Over-load,short circuit Protection
  • Non Polarity for easier wiring

DC Surge Arrester
EDPN40-3 / EDPAN40-3

  • Max Operation Voltage 1000V
  • Standard Compliance with EN50539 Type2 / Type1+2
  • Maximum Discharge Current 40 KA
  • Certification TUV,CB,CE

DC Fuse

  • LED Indicator or without LED indicator
  • Rated Working Voltage 1000V
  • Fuse Link 10x38mm LITTEL 15A
  • Certification TUV,CB,CE

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