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Breaker Box, IP65 Plastic Power Distribution Enclosure Box

Product Benefits

  • Surface enclosures with a capacity of 4/6/8/12/18/24 modules with transparent window
  • Material:ABS version
  • Halogen-free plastic materials.
  • Base and frame: ABS RAL 7035 grey.
  • Transparent window: PCtintedwindow,with UV protection Polycarbonate version. Plastic materials.
  • Base and frame: PC RAL 7035 grey.
  • Transparent window: PCtintedwindowwith UV protection Recommended for outdoor use.
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The OCB-EUS distribution enclosures are manufactured with the highest-quality plastic materials and are available in ABS and Polycarbonate. They have ample space for wiring and a modular capacity from 4 to 24 modules. They are intended for indoor and outdoor use, where enclosures with a high degree of protection and design are required.


Product Benefits

Enhanced Durability and Color Stability

Our electrical power distribution box features high-strength engineering ABs material that guarantees lifelong color fidelity, complemented by a Pc transparent component for visual clarity and resilience.

User-Friendly Access

Equipped with a push-type opening mechanism, accessing the internals of the distribution box is effortless. A light press activates the mechanism, revealing a self-locking positioning hinge structure that simplifies maintenance and adjustments.

Optimized Wiring Configuration

The innovative design includes a lift-able guide rail support plate, eliminating constraints in narrow spaces during wire installation. Our distribution box accommodates various wire grooves and pipe exit holes, making installation a breeze across multiple wiring setups.

Advanced Material Composition

The ABs material used for the panel ensures unmatched durability and resistance to environmental changes, while the Pc transparent section provides a clear view of the internals without compromising on strength.

Versatile Installation Options

Our power distribution box is designed for flexibility, featuring wire grooves and pipe exit holes that support a wide range of wire and pipe types, ensuring a seamless fit for diverse electrical setups.



Supplied in individual packaging. When several items are sent together, they are bundled together with transparent film.
TH35X7.5 trial rail in enclosures with one row of modules and a compact frame in enclosures with two or more rows of modules. They are supplied assembled in all references.

  • Accessory bag
  • Hermetic caps.
  • Cover-base locking screws.
  • Grey module cover (6 modules)
  • Module identification strips
  • Assembly instructions

IP65 surface distribution boxes(ABS)

Reference No. No of modules Dimensions

Height X Wdth X Depth



OCB-EUS-A6P 1×6 DIN rail 165x200x108 451
OCB-EUS-A9P 1×9 DIN rail 219x200x108 543
OCB-EUS-A12P 1×12 DIN rail 273x215x118 771
OCB-EUS-A18P 2×9(18)DIN rail 380.8x215x118 928
OCB-EUS-A24P 2×12(24)DIN rail 273x365x118 1228
OCB-EUS-A36P 2×18(36)DIN rail 381x365x118 1621


IP65 surface distribution boxes (PCABS)

Reference No. No of modules Dimensions

Height X Wdth X Depth



OCB-EUS-P6P 1×6 DIN rail 165x200x108 451
OCB-EUS-P9P 1×9 DIN rail 219x200x108 543
OCB-EUS-P12P 1×12 DIN rail 273x215x118 771
OCB-EUS-P18P 2×9(18)DIN rail 380.8x215x118 928
OCB-EUS-P24P 2×12(24)DIN rail 273x365x118 1228
OCB-EUS-P36P 2×18(36)DIN rail 381x365x118 1621



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