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Solar PLC Rapid Shutdown Switch Single PV Input Screw Installation

Product Benefits

  • Three Shutdown Modes
  • Match LVRT feature of the inverter
  • Meet to NEC 2017/2020 690.12 regulations
  • Comply with SUNSPEC protocol
  • Black/Blue color is optional
  • Single rapid shutdown connects to 1 PV modules
  • PLC communication control
  • Shutdown while ambient temperature is over 85℃
  • Slim size match module perfectly
  • Flame retardant rating: UL94-VO
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Automatically shutdown the DC power of panels when detecting temperature of the area is higher than 85°C, to protect roof top PV systems fire safety.

Key Features
1. PV module rapid shutdown meeting NEC 2017 & 2020 (690.12) requirements
2. Rapid shutdown: Triggered within 30 seconds after the monitor loses power or the control switch manually turn off.
3. Module level data monitoring: 5 big datum including voltage, current, power generation, power generation operating point, temperature five big data, and in the way of snapshot collection
4. String break protection: active protection, all the PV module safety devices went into shutdown state within 5 secondsBidirectional PLC communication

Product details

Curent rating 15:15A 21:21A
Communication P:PLC W:Wifi
PV Input S:Single D:Dual
Installation mode S:Screw type C:Clip type
Maximum Allowed Input Voltage 80V
Maximun Output Voltage 80V
Number of connectable panels 1/2
Maximum input current 15A / 21A
Maximum short circuit current 15A / 21A
Maximum system voltage 1000V(1500 optional)
Operating temperature Negative 30-80oC

(automatically shut down if over 85oC)

Operating environment temperature Negative 30oC~+55oC
Supply voltage PV panels
Protection level IP68
Fire-proof level UL94-V0
Humidity 0%~90% at 20oC
Interface MC4
Warranty 10 Years
Panel cable length 280±10mm
String cable length 1280±10mm
Communication PLC
Standards compliant UL 1741/NEC 2017 690.12


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