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EMC1 3Pole 2,3modules 16A-63A AC Modular Contactor

Product Benefits 

  • Design according to IEC/EN 60947-3
  • Version
    without visual tripping indicator JHAFH
    with visual tripping indicator JHAFL
  • Can be sealed with leads
  • Supplied without fuse-links
  • Product Standard:GB/T 18802.21
  • Low voltage surge protector Part 21: Performance requirements and test methods for surge protectors (SPD) of telecommunications and signalling networks
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Choosing the best modular contactor can be overwhelming since there are several important parameters, features, and specifications to consider. The switch and coil ratings are two of the most important things to consider. Several electrical ratings will be given to contactors depending on the intended use.

Product Benefits 

  • Higher Current
    18mm 1MUwidth,maximumcurrentupto63A
  • Greater Wiring Capacity
    M5 wiring screw,maximum wiring capacity25mm
  • More Secure
    Hidden coilterminals forlargerand saferelectricalclearances
  • Two Types Of Contacts
    Normally open and normally closed two kinds of contacts are optional

Applicable scope
The EMC1 modular contactor (hereinafter referred to as contactor) is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage
to 400V and rated current operation in the circuit up to 125A, it can control the low-inductance and low-inductance load of
household appliances and similar purposes; it can also be used to control the load of household motors. The power should be
reduced accordingly.
The EMC1 contactors according to standard IEC/EN61095 ,IEC60947-4-1 and are used mainly in buildings for switching and
controlling lighting, heating, ventilation and pumps. They are part of the complete range of Din rail products and can be
integrated easily in dedicated panels




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