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EHDT Load Break Switch 1500V 400A,630A,800A 4P

Product Benefits

  • Easy to install
  • Added security
  • Enhanced safety
  • Flexible installation options (multiple configurations)





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DC load Isolator Switch with IEC standard,Available from 400A-630A-800A in 4P version, acting as a load break switches for DC current. Especially indicated for installations for photovoltaic energy generators, which require a safe disconnection. Standard handle is supplied pad lockable in position “OFF” for maintenance. Bridging links available for series connections.

Product Benefits

Easy to install

  • Wiring: Since the switch is non-polarized, all types of wiring and connections are possible.
  • Easy access without tools, and auxiliary contacts can be integrated without tools.
  • The mechanical device can be centered to meet the installation requirements.

Safe reliable operation

  • Reliable position indication through visible contacts.
  • The opening and closing of the switch is fully independent from the speed of operation, ensuring safe operation under all conditions.
  • High temperature withstand: no derating up to 55 C(131F),functional from -40 to+122F(-40 to +50°C).

Designed for harsh environments

  • Vibration testing (from 13.2 to 100 Hz at 0.7 g).
  • Choc testing (15 g during three cycles).
  • Humid temperature testing (2 cycles, 55C/131F with 95% humidity level).
  • Salt mist testing(3 cycles with humidity storage, 40C/104F, 93% humidity after each cycle).






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