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DC Fuse Holder14x51mm 32A 20kA 1P 1500V

Product Benefits

  • with light or not to choose
  • Din35 Rail Installation, Easy to Install
  • Adjustable terminal block, Wiring firm
  • Fire-retardant shell, high temperature resistance
  • Flexible installation, Easy to replace
  • 1500V 32A
  • 1P 14*51mm fuse link
  • Finger safe touch
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Product Application

This series of fuse is suitable for solar photovoltaic power generation system,rated voltage up to 1500V,rated current to 50A,connected with photovoltaic panels and batteries ,to charge variable flow system for short circuit breaking protection in photovoltaic station and photovoltaic power generation system.the rated breaking capacity is 50KA,products confirms to UL248-19 IEC 60269-6.

Product Benefits

  • Ambient Temperature:-40℃ + 90℃
  • Equipment installation height:less than 2000m(if you want use exceedng this height,pls tell us in advance,we can design according to your requirements).
  • Fuse Link is made of pure silver,welding low tin and encapsulated in the high-strength porcelain,the fuse tube filled with high pure quartz sand with chemically processed as a arc medium,fuse body is connected with contacting terminals by spot welding.




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