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AC isolator Accessory

Product Benefits

  • Main body switch
  • Add-on Auxiliary Contacts
  • One only add-on block suitable for all the JHAS69 AC Isolated Switch, having simultaneous operation
  • with the switch poles.
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JHAS69-LKRY AC Isolator 690V 80A

EAS6 AC isolation switch is widely used in industrial control machinery and various electrical appliances, and can effectively solve the problems of emergency disconnection, safety disconnection, machine control, motor control and so on.

  • With alloy contacts, electrical special silver long life and high reliability.
  • Small size, space-saving installation.
  • Construct a protective finger to make the operation safe.
  • With a variety of installation, ease of application of various purpose(panel mount, rail mount, sealed switch box type).
  • IP66 degree of protection Five years warranty


Technical Data

JHAC69-ACC Accessory


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