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25A 40A 60A three-phase AC Output Solid State Relay

Product Benefits

  • 4-32VDC control voltage
  • 4000VACrms Dielectric Strength
  • Photoelectric isolation
  • LED Indicator
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Shell Fire RetardantZero-cross or random turn-on(available )
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JHAT is a three-phase AC output relay(Normally Open), offer (4~32)VDC/(90-280) VAC input voltage control,with outputs current at 25A,40A,60A, and (48~440)VAC, (48~530)VACoutput voltage. The output device is SCR,output. switching modes are divided into zero cross turn-on type and random turn-on type.

Product Benefits

  • Zero-cross or random turn-on(available )
  • Rated Load Current: 25-60A
  • DC or AC input
  • SCR output
  • LED status Indicator
  • Dielectric Strength 4000VACrms
  • Built-in MOV protection, RC snubber circuit
  • Customized Phase-Loss Protection available
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Shell Fire Retardant

A Solid State Relay (SSR) is a contactless switch composed of microelectronic circuits, discrete electronic devices, and power electronic devices. It has a high operating frequency, produces no noise, has a long lifespan, low power consumption, and is resistant to vibration, making it suitable for harsh environments. Moreover, the input side utilizes small control signals to directly drive large current loads. SSRs have found widespread application in controlling various industrial loads.


Heating Control: Features: Precise Temperature Control, Safe and Reliable, Long Life, Maintenance-Free. Suitable for Bad Environments. Users: Food Equipment, Injection Molding Machine, Plastic Extruding Machine, Thermoforming Machine, Furnace, HVAC, Family Heater, Desiccator, etc.

Lighting Controls: Features: Snap Switch, Silent Operation, Safe and Reliable, Long Life, Maintenance-Free. Reduces Part Count. Users: Public Lighting, Heater Lighting, Runway Lighting, Road Lighting, etc.

Motor Control: Features: Snap Switch, Stamina, Shock Resistance, Soft Starter, Positive Inversion, Safe and Reliable, Long Life, Maintenance-Free. Reduces Part Count. Users: Musical Fountain, Elevator, Gantry Crane, Lifter, Sports Equipment, Conveying System, Solar Energy, Fan, Electromagnetic Valve Control, etc.

Technical Data

Three-phase AC Output11


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