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When it comes to ensuring the safety and reliability of your solar energy setup, our Solar Module Level Rapid Shutdown Device is the ultimate solution. Engineered to meet the stringent requirements set forth in the NEC 2017 for solar systems, this device guarantees top-notch protection for both your PV array and the entire system in case of an emergency.

Key Features:

Rapid Shutdown in Emergencies: Our device swiftly disconnects hazardous voltages from your PV array and the entire system during emergency situations, safeguarding your property and personnel.

NEC 2017 Compliance: We’ve got you covered on NEC 2017 compliance. Our device adheres to the requirement of shutting down the PV array within a one-foot boundary, effectively eliminating power transmission to charge controllers, enhancing safety during critical moments.

Two-Leg Disconnect: Safety is paramount. Our device offers a two-leg disconnect, breaking both positive and negative connections, providing a secure environment for maintenance and completely eradicating the risk of backspeaking through the negative connection.

Control of Inverter and Charge Controller: Our Rapid Shutdown Device not only cuts off power transmission but also places the charge controller and inverter into an off state until the issue is resolved, ensuring comprehensive system control.

Dual Channel Configuration: With the advantage of dual channel configuration, our device enhances the design flexibility of solar + storage systems, allowing for seamless integration and customization.

Advanced Arc Fault Protection: Safety doesn’t stop at rapid shutdown. Our system features advanced diagnostic capabilities for arc fault protection, guaranteeing the highest level of safety and reliability for your solar + storage system.

ONCCY Arc-Fault Module: Designed to detect and promptly shut down the system in the event of loose connections or issues with the solar array, the ONCCY Arc-Fault Module ensures safety and effectively prevents potential hazards, giving you peace of mind.

Invest in the future of solar system safety with our Solar Module Level Rapid Shutdown Device. Make your solar energy setup secure, compliant, and adaptable to your needs, all while benefiting from advanced diagnostic capabilities and arc fault protection.

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