Munich, Germany – Under the global spotlight of the dual carbon goals, Intersolar Europe 2024, the world’s largest and most influential annual event in the photovoltaic industry, will be held from June 19th to 21st. This event will gather the leading PV companies worldwide to discuss new trends, technologies, and visions for the industry.

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ONCCY Electrical, a leader in safety protection devices for wind and photovoltaic storage systems, will be showcasing its innovative PV protection components at booth C2.370I. The company aims to explore the limitless possibilities in the solar energy storage sector and envision a bright future for green energy alongside industry peers and professional attendees.

In 2023, Germany solidified its position as Europe’s largest solar market. With significant policy support, including increasing PV system exemption capacity from 600W to 800W and introducing surplus electricity free sale, the German PV market continues its robust growth trajectory.

Intersolar Europe, themed “Connecting Solar Business,” brings together nearly all renowned international companies in the industry to discuss alternative energy technologies and business cooperation.



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ONCCY Electrical will present its comprehensive range of wind and solar energy protection solutions, including isolators, rapid shutdowns, miniature circuit breakers, and combiner boxes. These innovations highlight the company’s commitment to defining new safety standards in the renewable energy sector.

A standout feature is ONCCY Electrical’s latest module-level rapid shutdown technology. This advancement significantly enhances safety by quickly cutting off current during emergencies, preventing electric shocks and providing crucial time for firefighting operations.

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ONCCY Electrical’s PV protection switches have garnered significant interest from global clients due to their exceptional performance and safety features, solidifying the company’s reputation as a reliable partner in numerous PV projects worldwide.

Participation in Intersolar Europe 2024 not only showcases ONCCY Electrical’s technological and product innovations but also underscores its vision for the future of green energy. The company remains dedicated to developing more efficient and safer PV protection solutions, collaborating with global partners to create a sustainable energy landscape.