In the global drive towards carbon neutrality, green energy projects such as wind and solar power are experiencing rapid growth. To ensure the safe operation of these projects, a reliable power distribution system is essential. DC isolator switches, as indispensable backbones of low-voltage power distribution systems, play a crucial role in isolating DC circuits.

ONCCY, delving deep into industry application scenarios, proudly presents its bipolar DC isolator switches! With its exceptional product capabilities, it is widely used in inverters, battery packs, and other applications within energy storage systems, and finds extensive applications in wind and solar power generation.

Pv Solar Isolator Switch

Superior Performance, Enhanced Quality

  • Ultra-high insulation voltage for broader coverage
  • Industry-leading short-time withstand capability of 10kA
  • Usage categories encompass DC22A, DC23A, and DC-PV2, with certifications including CCC, CE, and TUV

Versatile and Efficient

  • Diverse wiring methods offer flexibility and cater to a wider range of customer needs
  • Effectively improves time efficiency and reduces labor costs, providing high cost-effectiveness

Meticulous Design, Enhanced Safety

  • Employs arc contact structure to effectively protect the main contacts and extend electrical life
  • Meets the performance requirements and testing standards for PV isolator switches, effectively addressing various challenges in PV storage systems
  • Utilizes a high-performance arc extinguishing chamber that employs the air-blast arc extinguishing principle to enhance the product’s arc extinguishing capabilitySolar Isolator Switchs

Refined Industry Expertise, Integrated Professional Technology

ONCCY DC isolator switches, with their reliable quality, provide comprehensive protection for PV storage systems and green energy applications, delivering a more convenient and secure power supply experience, safeguarding electrical safety, and propelling the rapid development of carbon neutrality goals.

ONCCY is committed to continuous innovation and development, empowering a sustainable future with safe and reliable power distribution solutions.