Unlike a DC isolator, which must switch both the positive and negative wires, an AC isolator should be selected based on whether the supply is single phase, as is common in home installations, or three phase, as is common in commercial or industrial installations. A 2pole isolator should be used to switch the live and neutral lines (earth continually connected) for single phase, whereas a 4pole isolator should be used to switch the three voltage lines and neutral (earth constantly connected).
The inverter output is normally specified per phase, that is line to neutral, and may be shown as 20A at 230VAC; if this output is from a three phase unit, the AC isolator must be rated for the line-to-line voltage, which is typically 415VAC.


The ambient temperature of the environment in which the switch is located must be considered with both AC and DC isolators, as most industrial switches are supposedly rated for usage in 35°C. However, if the isolator is to be used in an area where solar activity is prevalent, allowing for more efficient use of the installation and a higher yield, or in an enclosed space such as a loft or an inverter enclosure, an isolator capable of handling the elevated temperatures should be chosen.

How effective is the AC isolation switch? And who are the ONCCY AC Isolator Switch applicants?

The AC isolating switch features a waterproof and dustproof function that effectively prevents dust and oil from entering. It has no effect on the product’s performance in rain or strong water; it completely meets the need for safe electrical use in difficult outdoor situations such as rain, dust, cold, high temperatures, and intense ultraviolet radiation.

AC Isolator Switches ensure that an electrical circuit is totally de-energized for routine service and maintenance and that it can be swiftly shut down in the event of an emergency. When an emergency stop is required, the switch disconnects the circuit from the main power supply and discharges any current trapped in the circuit, making it safe to work on and ensuring a quick shut down and the absence of any electrical current.
AC Isolator Switch is used in electrical circuits as the master switch on ventilation, air conditioners, and water pumps, and can also directly control small-capacity motors.

Which standards will ONCCY AC Isolator Switch meet?
The AC Isolator Switch is designed and manufactured in line with GB/14048-3 and IEC60947-3 standards.

How can I request an AC Isolator Switch quote from ONCCY ?
ONCCY is ready to give our finest quality AC Isolator Switch to all customers worldwide; please contact us if you have any questions:contact@onccy.com