The ONCCY high-performance, rugged, and compact cam-operated AC isolation switch EAS80 series is a formidable choice for industrial, commercial, and construction applications, boasting versatility and reliability in the realm of AC isolator switches.

Crafted to meet the demanding needs of various sectors, this series offers an array of features tailored to optimize performance and functionality. With four distinct mounting options – surface mount, flush mount, back mount, and panel mount – the EAS80 series ensures seamless integration into diverse electrical systems. This adaptability is complemented by the ability to select and configure multiple contact sequences, providing enhanced flexibility to suit specific requirements.

AC isolator switches

Of paramount importance is the robust design of these switches, ensuring resilience in challenging environments. Rated with an IP65 ingress protection rating, they offer steadfast defense against dust and water ingress, safeguarding internal components and preserving operational integrity.

AC isolation switch

Furthermore, the EAS80 series excels in power handling capabilities, boasting a rated voltage of 690V and a remarkable rated current of up to 315A. Such formidable specifications underscore its suitability for demanding industrial and commercial settings, where robustness and performance are non-negotiable.

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In addition to its formidable technical specifications, the EAS80 series offers a range of customizable options to cater to individual preferences and operational needs. Various shaft lengths, colored handles, and an extensive selection of accessories empower users to tailor the switch to their exact requirements, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In conclusion, the ONCCY EAS80 series stands as a testament to innovation and excellence in the realm of AC isolator switches. Combining robust construction, versatile mounting options, and exceptional performance parameters, it emerges as the ideal solution for a wide array of industrial, commercial, and construction applications, setting a new standard for reliability and efficiency in the field.