Electrical Control Device


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This is an essential safety switch and is mandated in each photovoltaic power system according to IEC 60364-7-712. The corresponding British requirement comes from BS7671 – Part 712.537.2.1.1, which states “To allow maintenance of the PV convertor, means of isolating the PV convertor from the DC side and the AC side must be provided”.

Electrical Control Device

ONCCY DC Isolator is Designed for solar inverter DC side disconnect, Combined with other components, our switches can guarantee complete protection from any form of over-voltage and overloading. With a special instruction for arc extinguishing, we offer increased safety, reliability and longer life.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-polarity DC Isolator Switch
  • Modular design, available 2-10 levels.
  • Arcing Time in 3ms
  • Positive contact or reverse contact optional.
  • Single Hole Mounting, Panel Mounting, Distribution Board, Door Clutch or Enclosure available.
  • Dynamic sealing design and world class sealing materials guarantee an IP66 protection rate.
  • Up to 1000V-1500V
  • Rated current: 13A, 20A, 25A, 40A, 50A
Electrical Control Device
Electrical Control Device

Applications and Markets

Isolator switch is used to ensure that an electrical circuit is completely de-energised for service or maintenance. IP66 enclosures and other options are available for your selection to meet a variety of inverters types. Such switches are often found in electrical distribution , where equipment must have its source of driving power removed for adjustment or repair. Isolation switches are used in electrical substations to allow isolation of apparatus such as circuit breakers, transformers, and transmission lines, for maintenance. The disconnector is usually not intended for normal control of the circuit, but only for safety isolation.

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