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An electrical control panel is an enclosure, typically a metal box or plastic moulding which contains important electrical components that control and monitor a number of mechanical processes. They are energised systems that require maintenance, with planned preventative maintenance and condition-based monitoring being the most effective methods. Electrical personnel will need to gain access within control panels for fault finding, adjustments, and electrical safety testing.

Electric Box & Accessories

Electricity is a common hazard within control panels, with electric shock, fires and arcing being of major concern. Control panels are designed to differing standards, based on age and country of manufacture, and whilst the panels might appear to be uniform on the outside, their content and layout internally can be quite different. In addition to electricity, pneumatic and hydraulic energy, as well as retained heat may also be a considerable risk to anyone who has need to enter. We advise learning through training courses to identify and deal with these risks safely.

Electrical control panel components

Some of the components of an electrical control panel include:

  • Enclosures
  • Incoming Protection and Switching
  • Power and Energy Monitoring and Control
  • Power Distribution Systems
  • Circuit and Load Protection
  • Thermal Management
  • Motion and Drives
  • Safety systems
  • Relays and contactors
Electric Box & Accessories
Electric Box & Accessories

Applications and Markets

Due to different usage scenarios and requirements, as well as considering the location of the actual wiring, the distribution box has a variety of sizes, which can be selected on the distribution box page.

You can see how many circuits are on the periphery of the box to divide the circuit. 8 circuits and below will basically be used for home use, and more than 8 circuits will basically be used for commercial and factory power distribution. The greater the demand for circuit branches, the larger the distribution box can be selected to meet the demand.

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