DC Isolation Switch onccy

What is a DC rotary isolator switch enclouse used for?

A DC rotary isolator switch enclosure is used for housing and protecting DC rotary isolator switches. It provides a secure and controlled environment for the switch, ensuring its proper functioning and longevity. The enclosure helps prevent damage from external elements such as dust, moisture, and physical impact. It also aids in maintaining the safety of the switch by minimizing the risk of accidental contact or tampering. The enclosure is designed to meet the specific requirements of DC rotary isolator switches, providing a suitable housing solution for various applications, including power distribution systems, renewable energy installations, and industrial settings.


EDS1 Series DC Isolator


The EDS1EL/N32 isolation switch offers a reliable and waterproof design, unaffected by screw fixing. It features multiple mechanical seals around the shaft, ensuring excellent sealing performance. The stainless steel rotary screw is rust and damp-resistant. Additionally, the standard cable interface includes seal rings for added protection. The top and bottom covers are internally sealed, and combined with two screws, guarantee an IP66 protection degree.

By employing the EDS1 series isolation switch, power systems with a rated voltage of DC1200V or below and rated current of 32A or below can benefit from improved performance. This switch is designed for infrequent switching-on and switching-off, and it has the capability to disconnect 1-4 MPPT lines simultaneously. Its effectiveness is especially notable in HVDC transmission and distribution systems, where it effectively isolates the high voltage direct current between solar panels and inverters.

Moreover, the EDS1EL/N32 isolation switch offers several key benefits. It is crafted using UV-resistant and V0 flame retardant materials. The contact surfaces are silver plated, meeting the highest industry standards in terms of thickness. With an arcing time of just 3 ms, it ensures efficient operation. The switch can be locked in the OFF position, with no polarity restrictions. It complies with IEC/EN60947.3 and AS 60947.3 standards, providing reliability and peace of mind. Additionally, the switch is backed by a five-year warranty. The switch’s aluminum box, constructed from durable metal material, offers anti-corrosion and anti-explosion resistance, making it suitable for harsh environments.

Choose the EDS1EL/N32 isolation switch for a secure and dependable solution, providing exceptional performance and protection in various power system applications.