DC Photovoltaic Protection


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In the realm of solar energy, our DC Photovoltaic Protection products stand as a beacon of quality and reliability. Specifically crafted to serve as the first line of defense for your solar inverter’s DC side, our products are trusted by industry giants like SMA, ABB, and SolarEdge, thanks to their unwavering performance. When combined with other critical components, our solutions ensure comprehensive protection against over-voltage and overloading, assuring your solar system’s longevity and efficiency.

We’ve incorporated a special arc extinguishing mechanism, reinforcing the reliability of our products and extending their electrical life. At our state-of-the-art factory, meticulous manufacturing processes are in place to guarantee consistent quality. Each component undergoes pre-assembly and rigorous inspections at every stage of production, ensuring that when you choose our DC Photovoltaic Protection products, you’re investing in peace of mind.

DC Photovoltaic Protection

At ONCCY Electrial,our focus is on delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed safety standards in solar energy systems. Our products are designed with the end-user in mind, ensuring ease of use, reliability, and above all, safety.

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Rapid Shutdown Device For Solar PV Array Level 6-10 Strings 600V-1500V

The Importance of DC Protection Switches

DC protection switches play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and optimal performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems, making them an indispensable component in the renewable energy landscape.

Overvoltage Protection: DC protection switches quickly interrupt the circuit when voltage levels exceed safe limits, preventing damage to the system.

Isolation and Maintenance: They enable easy isolation of PV arrays or specific components for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Safety and Fire Prevention: In the event of a fault, DC protection switches can prevent electrical fires by promptly disconnecting the PV array.

Designed For 1000vdc-1500vdc Applications

ONCCY Electrical is a leading manufacturer of durable DC switches for 1000VDC-1500VDC applications. Their unique arc extinguishing chambers ensure safer and quicker switching, with arc interruptions in 3ms. With an accredited test lab and system, they build dependable switches for solar. They are experts in solar DC and follow the recommendations of leading solar providers who have previously tested them for their products.

You must examine the sort of solar isolator you require, just as you must know your power requirements. We have DC solators ranging from 1000V to 1500V here. However, if you want a customized solution, we provide a variety of bespoke features ranging from 600V to 800V, 1000V to 1200V, and 1500V.

DC Photovoltaic Protection

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