DC Load Switch-Disconnectors Wholesale


DC Load Switch-Disconnectors Wholesale

Looking for DC Load Switch-Disconnectors at wholesale prices? We are a trusted supplier offering high-quality solutions for electrical switching needs. Our range of DC Load Switch-Disconnectors ensures reliable and efficient operation, providing safe disconnection of DC circuits. Explore our wide selection of products and enjoy competitive prices. Contact us today for wholesale inquiries and secure your electrical systems with our trusted DC Load Switch-Disconnectors.

ONCCY offers a range of load break switches for PV Solar System. Overrated neutral, high short-circuit withstand but also motorised: the devices adapt to all types of cut-off requirements. They can also be adapted to different applications such as earthing, tropical zones or remote control.

DC Load Switch-Disconnectors Wholesale

Features and Benefits

Easy to install

  • Wiring: Switch is non-polarized,all types of wiring and connections are possible
  • Easy access without tools,and auxiliary contacts can be integrated without tools.
  • The operating mechanism can be centered to meet the installation requirements

Safe reliable operation

  • Reliable position indicator through visible contacts.
  • The opening and closing of the switch is fully independent from the
  • speed of operation, ensuring safe operation under all conditions.
  • High temperature withstand: no derating up to 70°C

Designed for harsh environments

  • Vibration testing (from 13.2 to 100Hz at 0. 7g)
  • Shock testing (15 g during three cycles).
  • Humid temperature testing (2 cycles, 55°C/131F with 95% humidity level)
DC Load Switch-Disconnectors Wholesale
DC Load Switch-Disconnectors Wholesale

Applications and Markets

The whole range of DC switch-disconnectors meets the specifications for photovoltaic applications and provides a high level of isolation and safety. They all feature easy mounting, allowing a faster installation, while dimensions and weight are in all cases fully optimised.

Onccy’s switches are designed to suit the needs of different green energy applications, such as photovoltaic installations (combiner boxes, string inverters), battery energy storage systems or electrical mobility.

The difference between load break switch and circuit breakers?

A Load break switch is similar in structure to a disconnector (both have visible disconnection points in the disconnection state), but it can be used to open and close circuits, which in turn resembles a circuit breaker.

However, a circuit breaker can control any circuit, while aLoad break switch can only switch on or off load current, or switch off over load current, so it is only used to switch off and on circuits under normal conditions, not short circuit fault current. However, it is required that its structure can pass the fault current of short circuit time without damage.

Because the arc extinguishing device and contact of the Load break switch are designed to cut off and connect the load current, the Load break switch should be used with the fuse in most cases, and the latter is responsible for cutting off the short-circuit fault current.

The opening and closing frequency and operating life of load disconnecting switches are usually higher than those of circuit breakers.

How to choose a good quality load break switch?

Always the top brands will be the most popular ones. It is my opinion that this is because of their marketing strategy, history, reputation and worldwide acceptance more than any other reasons. This does not mean they are better or worse in any way, just means they are more accepted world widely.

Here is something you have to keep in mind when choosing a load break switch manufacturer:

  • Whether the contact and terminal board are copper plated with silver, with two separate contact surfaces, to ensure good electrical performance and reliability of closing in place?
  • Whether the operation mechanism adopts spring energy storage, instantaneous release acceleration mechanism, instantaneous connection and break double breakpoints?
  • Whether there is an arc isolation plate inside the shell to separate the contacts, ensure that the arc in each phase independent indoor extinguishing, improve the safety performance of the switch?
  • Except the wiring part, whether the product adopts fully closed design, with a window to directly observe the on-off state of contact?
  • Whether can a special padlock be installed on the operating handle to lock the handle to prevent misoperation?

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