DC Isolators for PV Systems

A DC Isolator switch is an electrical switch designed to isolate a photovoltaic (PV) array or other DC electrical system from the rest of the system. It is used to ensure safe and easy maintenance and to protect personnel and equipment in case of faults or emergencies.

DC Isolator switches are typically installed between the PV panels and the inverter or charge controller. They provide a means of disconnecting the DC power from the rest of the system, allowing for safe maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair work.

DC Isolator switches are designed to withstand the high voltages and currents that are present in DC electrical systems. They are also often designed to be weatherproof and resistant to UV radiation, so that they can be installed in outdoor locations.

It is important to note that DC Isolator switches should only be operated by qualified personnel who have been trained in their safe operation. Improper use or handling of these switches can result in serious injury or damage to equipment.