DC Fuse Holder For Solar Manufacturer


DC Fuse Holder For Solar Manufacturer

As a leading manufacturer of DC Fuse Holders for solar systems, we provide reliable circuit protection solutions for your photovoltaic installations. Our high-quality DC Fuse Holders are designed to ensure safe and efficient operation, protecting your solar panels and other components from overcurrent conditions. Choose our trusted products to safeguard your solar systems. Contact us today to explore our range of DC Fuse Holders for solar and ensure the longevity of your renewable energy infrastructure.

The features of the PV Modular fuse holders 10×38 is 1000V DC & 1500V DC rated voltages.They have been developed to offer a compact, safety and economic protection solution in photovoltaic installations where due to the increase of the power and technologic evolution, no-load voltages above 1000V DC can be achieved. Modular fuse holders for 10×38 are according IEC/EN 60269 standard. Compact design, with reduced distances.

DC Fuse Holder For Solar Manufacturer

Features and Benefits

  • Din35 Rail Installation, Easy to Install
  • Adjustable terminal block, Wiring firm
  • Fire-retardant shell, high temperature resistance
  • Flexible installation, Easy to replace
DC Fuse Holder For Solar Manufacturer
DC Fuse Holder For Solar Manufacturer

Applications and Markets

Solar PV DC fuse holder 10mm x 38mm fuse link. Rated Current 30A, rated voltage 1000V DC, 20 KA. This Fuse Holder is designed and manufactured to comply with standard IEC60947-3.

Fuse Holders for Photovoltaic applications in PV DC combiner boxs, inverters and solar applications etc, with the main function of over-current protection and effective disconnection.

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