AC Circuit Breaker(AC MCB) Manufacturer


AC Circuit Breaker Manufacturer

AC circuit breaker is an essential safety device used in electrical systems to protect electrical circuits from excessive current flow due to an overload or a short circuit.  AC Circuit breakers are typically used in residential, commercial, and industrial applications to maintain the safety and functionality of electrical systems.

The main components of an AC circuit breaker are:

Contacts: These are the conductive parts that allow the flow of current when the circuit breaker is closed (ON position) and interrupt the current flow when the circuit breaker is open (OFF position).

Bimetallic strip: This component is made from two different metals bonded together. The strip bends when heated due to the difference in thermal expansion coefficients of the metals. In the event of an overload, the heat generated by the excessive current causes the bimetallic strip to bend, triggering the circuit breaker to trip and interrupt the current flow.

Electromagnetic coil: This coil generates a magnetic field when current flows through it. If the current exceeds a certain threshold (as in the case of a short circuit), the magnetic field becomes strong enough to actuate the circuit breaker mechanism, causing it to trip and interrupt the current flow.

Arc extinguishing chamber: When the contacts separate during a trip, an electric arc forms between them. The arc extinguishing chamber helps to cool and extinguish the arc, preventing damage to the contacts and other components.

AC Circuit Breaker(AC MCB) Manufacturer

Features and Benefits


AC Circuit breakers help prevent electrical fires and damage to electrical equipment by interrupting the flow of current in case of a fault.


AC Circuit breakers can be easily reset after resolving the issue that caused the trip, unlike fuses that need to be replaced.


AC Circuit breakers can be designed to trip at different current levels, allowing for better coordination and isolation of faulty circuits in a system.


AC Modern circuit breakers are designed to operate with high accuracy and minimal maintenance, ensuring the long-term protection of electrical systems.

AC Circuit Breaker(AC MCB) Manufacturer
AC Circuit Breaker(AC MCB) Manufacturer

Applications and Markets

AC mini circuit breakers (MCBs) are compact, modular protection devices designed for low voltage electrical systems. They are typically used in residential, commercial, and light industrial ,Backup Power System,Electric Vehicle Charging Stations and so on for the protection and control of electrical circuits.

Renewable Energy Systems: MCBs can be found in solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, wind turbines, and other renewable energy installations, where they protect inverters, charge controllers, batteries, and other components from overloads and short circuits.

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