AC Break Load Disconnector Manufacturer


AC Load Break Disconnector Manufacturer

AC Load Break Disconnector switch is a type of equipment that isolates the power failure part from the live part and creates a clear break point to isolate the faulty equipment or carry out the maintenance.

A Load break switch is similar in structure to a disconnector (both have visible disconnection points in the disconnection state), but it can be used to open and close circuits, which in turn resembles a circuit breaker.

However, a circuit breaker can control any circuit, while aLoad break switch can only switch on or off load current, or switch off over load current, so it is only used to switch off and on circuits under normal conditions, not short circuit fault current. However, it is required that its structure can pass the fault current of short circuit time without damage.

Because the arc extinguishing device and contact of the Load break switch are designed to cut off and connect the load current, the Load break switch should be used with the fuse in most cases, and the latter is responsible for cutting off the short-circuit fault current.

The opening and closing frequency and operating life of load disconnecting switches are usually higher than those of circuit breakers.

AC Break Load Disconnector Manufacturer

Features and Benefits

  • Double magnetic and arc extinguishing chamber
  • Save installation space and cost
  • Groove structure
  • Oversized terminal block
  • let Power be disconnected in a compact space
  • From 1P to 4P
  • Wiring nuts are provided for the full series
  • lncrease creepage distance
  • Reduce the risk of current leakage standard
  • with 4*20mm copper
  • silver-plated material
AC Break Load Disconnector Manufacturer
AC Break Load Disconnector Manufacturer

Applications and Markets

Installation requirements

  • The normal range of ambient air temperature is not higher than +40°℃, not lower than -25°℃, and the relative humidity is not more than 95%
  • The altitude of the installation site does not exceed 2000 meters
  • please institution in a non-explosive medium, and there is no gas and dust (including conductive dust) that can corrode metals and damage insulation in the medium.

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