AC Isolation Switch Wholesale


AC Isolation Switch Wholesale

AC Isolator switches are devices or systems that isolate a particular circuit for maintenance and prevent currents from passing through. The main isolator switch, also known as an isolator, typically consists of two sets (or one set) of electrical contacts mounted in series. The line side is connected to a power supply outside the building.

AC Isolator Switch ensure an electrical circuit is completely de-energised for routine service and maintenance and can be shut down quickly in the event of an emergency. The switch separates the circuit from the main power source and discharges any current trapped in the circuit, rendering it safe to work on and ensuring fast shut down and the absence of any electrical current when an emergency stop is required.

AC Isolation Switch Wholesale

Features and Benefits

  • It is used for all PV main electrical circuits.
  • Solar 25A PV 4 pole Inverter Isolation Switch.
  • A necessary item that will turn power off main power load before inverter for maintenance and emergency shutdown.
  • The solar AC isolation switch for mains power termination.
  • This is used with the solar panel inverter AC connection.
  • Enabling mains power isolation, switches are available in 25A sizes.
  • Ideal for many 230v power termination uses.
AC Isolation Switch Wholesale
AC Isolation Switch Wholesale

Applications and Markets

AC isolator switch for use with a grid-connected solar array. Positioned adjacent to the inverter a AC switch is required to provide a means of manually isolating the AC supply during system installation or any subsequent maintenance. We also have larger isolators for the higher current three-phase installations.

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