AC Fuse Holder Manufacturer


AC Fuse Holder Manufacturer

EAHF series of  DIN Rail Mounted Fuse Holder are used for 10.3X 38mm size fuses,the fuse holder are finger-safe under IEC standards to an IP20 grade of protection, including fuse changing (with the flick of a finger). Modular fuse-holders are available in 1P, 2P, 3P or 1P+N,3P+N, with or without visual blown fuse indicator, in IEC version or IEC + UL version.

AC Fuse Holder Manufacturer

 Features and Benefits

  • 1P 2P 3P4P Fuse Holder.
  • ue:380V; ui: 500V; Current: 32A.
  • Fit for10mm x 38mm fuse
  • Easy fuse access, installation and removal
  • Easy to wire screw clamp connections
  • Can be mounted conveniently on DIN rail,
  • Ideally for protecting the electrical circuit from overload and short-circuits for industrial equipment’s or household appliances.
AC Fuse Holder Manufacturer
AC Fuse Holder Manufacturer

Applications and Markets

EAP is a one pole DIN rail mounted fuse holder that accepts 10 x 38 mm (13/32″ x 1.5″) midget fuses. Installation and replacement of the fuses are readily accessible. The screw clamp connections provide secure wiring. It is CSA Certified  recognized with a rating of 18 to 8 AWG, 30 Amp and 600 Volt.

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